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Dear Friends, History was made in Ontario on June 12th! Not only was the first woman elected as our Premier, but Premier Kathleen Wynne is the first openly gay head of a government in Canada. Best of all, these facts were not issues in the election; instead, public policy debates and differing visions for Ontario...

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October 22  • 

Canada shooting exposes possible security problems, experts say

In the wake of Wednesday’s shooting at Canada’s Parliament Hill, experts warned against assuming there are gaps in Canada’s national security...

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September 18  • 

As Rob Ford shows, leaders must be clear about their health

Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s sad and unfolding story has sparked a wider discussion of governance. Just what are the ethics of the intersection of...

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September 5  • 

House of Commons without a top legal adviser during time of political and legal turmoil

The House of Commons is in need of a new chief legal expert to advise MPs, the Speaker and ultra-secretive Board of Internal Economy on parliamentary...

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August 20  • 

Janice Charette faces challenges as new Clerk of Privy Council

The new Clerk of the Privy Council faces significant challenges as head of a federal bureaucracy struggling with low morale, an erosion of policy...

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July 22  • 

Glover staffers remove ugly details from Wikipedia

Elections Canada dispute cut from site. Staff of Canadian Heritage Minister Shelly Glover anonymously edited her Wikipedia page to remove...

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