Posted by  •  March 1

Dear Friends, According to election law, 2015 will see Canadians head to the polls in what will be a hard  fought and  no doubt, fractious federal election. While my partisan preference is for the Liberal Party of Canada, I am nonetheless, very troubled by the apathy of our voting public to all parties. For...

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March 17  • 

Looking at women in politics

Did you know that in Canada, women only make up 24.6% of members of Parliament (77 out of 307), 31% of senators (38 out of 105) and 26.3% of cabinet...

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March 16  • 

The cola kids of El Salvador

Youth in El Salvador are addicted to soft drinks. resulting in an epidemic of childhood tooth rot and gum disease. SAN SALVADOR — What could...

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March 8  • 

The thalidomide settlement: A disgraceful lack of courtesy to those who deserve the best

There are 35,540,400 Canadians. 95 are thalidomide survivors. These tremendously strong individuals have endured physical, mental and emotional...

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March 1  • 

I Vote: Women in Politics

" I am delighted to be a panelist in this very interesting symposium. Please join...

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