Posted by  •  June 20

June 2016 Happy summer, everyone! I am very pleased to have recently been elected Vice Chair of the United Nations Association of Canada. The executive and members across Canada will be continuing their fine tradition of citizen engagement through UN related activities. I am also pleased to be writing about...

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July 31  • 

Women in politics: We’re not as equal as we think we are

One day when Penny Collenette was director of appointments for Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, her executive assistant slunk into her office...

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July 3  • 

Now is the perfect time to rethink global unity: Collenette [Toronto Star]

Following the Brexit vote and Three Amigos Summit, we should examine what unites us and what we value beyond corporate agendas. A woman holds...

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June 26  • 

Critical ‘what ifs’ await Canada: Collenette [Toronto Star]

Trudeau got a huge boost with his Obama bromance, but U.S. relations are about to change, regardless who wins Could there be a more...

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June 19  • 

Politics amid tragedy is a high-wire act: Collenette [Toronto Star]

As unnerving as it may be, tragedy is a powerful defining force in politics, a force to be used with great deftness and...

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