Posted by  •  October 24

Dear Friends, This past week, our Nation’s Capital, Ottawa, where I live, was violated in an awful and ghastly manner. For the legions of people who have worked on Parliament Hill, as I have, there is no doubt that we all felt both pain and outrage. For the legions of veterans and tourists, who have stood...

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November 28  • 

Why Ottawa moved quickly on Thalidomide survivors

It was a rare moment of serenity in the normally fractious House of Commons, when Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair rose in his seat to ask Minister...

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November 6  • 

Shortage of ‘data’ on extent of sexual harassment among federal workers

The federal government has a web of legislation and regulations to deal with sexual harassment but doesn’t have a way to effectively track the...

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October 22  • 

Canada shooting exposes possible security problems, experts say

In the wake of Wednesday’s shooting at Canada’s Parliament Hill, experts warned against assuming there are gaps in Canada’s national security...

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September 18  • 

As Rob Ford shows, leaders must be clear about their health

Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s sad and unfolding story has sparked a wider discussion of governance. Just what are the ethics of the intersection of...

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