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June 2016 Happy summer, everyone! I am very pleased to have recently been elected Vice Chair of the United Nations Association of Canada. The executive and members across Canada will be continuing their fine tradition of citizen engagement through UN related activities. I am also pleased to be writing about...

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October 16  • 

An 87 year fight for respect … and we are not there yet: Collenette [Toronto Star]

The ugly American political discourse on gender and RCMP apology to women officers are grim reminders of how far we still have to go. RCMP...

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October 9  • 

The politics of protecting our priceless environment: Collenette [Toronto Star]

The cost of protecting our environment is not yet quite clear. But the price of not protecting it is unthinkable. Canadians love the...

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October 2  • 

When ethics and politics collide: Collenette [Toronto Star]

The intersection of ethics and politics is littered with headlines, partisan bickering, damaged reputations, confusion about rules, public outcry,...

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September 25  • 

Can a young PM and the aging UN find hope? Collenette [Toronto Star]

By seeking a seat on the United Nations Security Council, Canada is showing it wants to be a player in global rebuilding. Prime Minister...

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September 18  • 

When a leader is sick: Collenette [Toronto Star]

Politicians used to hide their health problems, which is nearly impossible today, so we need to support them — openly The late NDP Leader...

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