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December 2016 Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you enjoy reading my weekly Toronto Star columns on issues related to the federal government. You will find the articles listed on this website. See you in the New Year! Penny  

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April 23  • 

Power failure — the cost of harassment: Collenette [Toronto Star]

Abuse of power can cause not only trauma and depression, but it can negatively impact productivity. Sonia Ossorio, second left, president of...

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April 16  • 

Betrayal and beginnings — welcome to party leadership races: Collenette [Toronto Star]

Leadership races can make or break egos, ambitions and rivalries, not to mention the very existence of any party. Stephane Dion, second from...

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April 2  • 

The shadow of Vimy Ridge: Collenette [Toronto Star]

The order that kept us reasonably stable for many years is clearly fragile, as we struggle, not only with new rules, but with old challenges such as...

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March 26  • 

Time for Senate to hit reset button: Collenette [Toronto Star]

It is time the independence and security of a Senate appointment must walk hand in hand with accountability. There have been calls for the...

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February 26  • 

Sanctuary status may be more than cities can handle: Collenette [Toronto Star]

Municipalities face serious issues in trying to help refugees, such as housing, jobs, health care, and policing protocols. Winnipeggers...

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