Posted by  •  October 22

October 2017 Autumn has fallen upon us and activities have picked where we left off when summer hit. That includes my column on the Politics Page of the Toronto Star, which is now bi-weekly. It is my hope that the column provides enough information to spark a conservation on what and how our politicians are...

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February 4  • 

The best and worst of political leadership on shocking display: Collenette [Toronto Star]

Aside from individual courage, non-partisan leadership will be key to a systemic change in political culture that has revealed a growing number...

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January 21  • 

Will Donald Trump win or lose in the digital age of journalism?: Collenette [Toronto Sar]

Donald Trump is following Richard Nixon in going to war with the so-called mainstream media. But it’s far from clear that he can win. Tom...

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December 21  • 

A tough lesson for Trudeau: Governing is not a game of friends: Collenette [Globe & Mail]

Imagine you have just been elected Prime Minister of Canada. You are the son of a former prime minister. You decide to travel with family and friends...

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December 3  • 

Do we appreciate our Supreme Court justices enough?: Collenette [Toronto Star]

This moment of transition provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the joys and pressures of the position, Penny Collenette writes. Prime...

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November 18  • 

Political conflicts of interest will only get trickier: Collenette [Toronto Star]

In an increasingly complex world, conflicts of interest will only multiply. Parliament must take steps to ensure that we are ready for the test, and...

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