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December 2016 Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you enjoy reading my weekly Toronto Star columns on issues related to the federal government. You will find the articles listed on this website. See you in the New Year! Penny  

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February 26  • 

Sanctuary status may be more than cities can handle: Collenette [Toronto Star]

Municipalities face serious issues in trying to help refugees, such as housing, jobs, health care, and policing protocols. Winnipeggers...

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February 19  • 

Forget the White House, pay attention to our own House: Collenette [Toronto Star]

It was a strong week for Canada on the global stage, but a shocking display of insults and ignorance were not our finest hour in...

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February 12  • 

Trump has wakened the sleeping giant of law: Collenette [Toronto Star]

Trump’s Executive Orders have resulted in the legal watchdog on extreme political authority in a democracy being fully awake and alert US...

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February 5  • 

Don’t be deaf to the threat of dog whistle politics: Collenette [Toronto Star]

Words have power and can hurt, so we need to ‘name and shame’ Canadian politicians who use coded messages of race-baiting or values...

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January 29  • 

In politics, disruption is the new normal: Collenette [Toronto Star]

The rise of Donald Trump has disrupted politics as usual in Canada and around the world. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must continue to...

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