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Canadians who watched U.S. government services shutting down on Tuesday could be forgiven for asking if they were watching a failed state or witnessing a healthy and vibrant democracy. Has the U.S. democracy become a wounded runner who can barely cross the finish line? Are Americans overwhelmed with hubris, greed...

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Which Face is America’s?

Posted in Penny's Pen by  •  September 17, 2013

A Canadian, who was watching Piers Morgan’s CNN show on the night of the horrific Naval Yard shootings, could be forgiven for feeling like a confused Alice when she peered through the looking glass in Lewis Carroll’s famous fictional fairy tale. In a shouting match worthy of a British Chelsea/Arsenal soccer...

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Women in Law

Posted in Featured by  •  May 10, 2013

Penny giving the keynote address at the “Women in Law” Luncheon at uOttawa on may 10, 2013.

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