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Globe and Mail Imagine: You are a director of the Prime Minister’s Office. You believe the PM is acting in an unethical way. If you reveal what you are thinking to anyone, you will be ostracized and labelled as disloyal. The other members of the senior staff may “spin” against you. You may lose your job and...

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Lagging behind the world

Posted in Penny's Pen by  •  December 5, 2003

Not enough of Canada’s business leaders are contributing to the global debate over ethics and best practices A country’s reputation is a collage of images. The number of soldiers we deploy (or not) to strife-torn areas is one such reflection. The decisions and conduct of our political leaders on the...

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What the Banks Must Do

Posted in Penny's Pen by  •  January 20, 2003

Maclean's I WAS SITTING in the witness chair last Dec. 11, all set to appear before the Senate banking committee on the topic of governance. Peter Dey, the lawyer who wrote the 1999 report on Canadian corporate governance (a mixed bag, he concluded—some companies were doing well, others not), was to testify after...

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